What makes our beers so Special?

The Hachenburger aroma hop guarantee

We brew all our beers 100% with aroma hops. Aroma hops contain a much more pronounced spectrum of hop aromas than the simple bitter hops that are usually used. This is what makes them so extraordinarily valuable. What does aroma hops add to the taste? 100% aroma hops make our Hachenburger even more spicy, aromatic and full of character.

we are  slow brewer?

The Westerwald brewery is one of only 27 Slow Brewers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to have been awarded this seal of approval. Slow Brewers are convinced that beer lovers want more - not a uniform taste, but outstanding beers and equally outstanding breweries that consciously approach their task. These breweries can be recognized by the Slow Brewing Seal of Approval - the most uncompromising seal of approval for beer on the international beer market.



Even today we are so proud of our homeland that we spread the Westerwald all over the world in the form of a beer mat. And the Westerwald is also symbolically depicted on many advertising materials and also on the labels of our beers. The name Weserwald-Brauerei is also a clear commitment to our beautiful homeland. We guarantee this.



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