What makes our beers so Special?

The Hachenburger aroma hop guarantee

We brew all of our beers with 100% aroma hops. These noble hops from the two largest German hop-growing regions of Tettnang and the Hallertau are among the highest quality and most expensive hop varieties because aroma hops contains a significantly higher pronounced spectrum of hop aromas than the simple bitter hops. This is why aroma hops is extraordinarily precious. What does aroma hops do to the taste? It makes our Hachenburger even spicier, richer in aroma, and even more full of character.

we are  slow brewer?

We give our Hachenburger 6 weeks to mature in peace. At minus 1 degree Celsius. This is how it unfolds its unique taste in our maturing house. With patience - like a good wine or whiskey. This is why we are one of fewer than 40 breweries worldwide to be awarded the Slow Brewing seal every year.


In contrast, the beers in industrial breweries are often brewed and botteld within a few days in order to be able to produce inexpenively.



Our name "Westerwald-Brauerei" is a clear commitment to our beautiful homeland and the people who live here. Because we are so proud of our Westerwald, we proudly show this on our labels and advertising material as well as through the contour of our beer mat "all over the world“



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