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Our Hachenburger Pils - brewed with 100% aroma hops - is now also available in the practical 0.5l Büx. The Hachenburger BÜX is the optimal companion for on the way, during a hike or generally at a social gathering ...

Hachenburger Pils

Hachenburger Pils is a statement. To enjoyment, the joy of enjoyment and true beer connoisseurship.

We brew our Hachenburger Pils 100% with aroma hops - just like all our beers, by the way. This is completely extraordinary - almost no other brewery in Germany does that. But that's exactly what makes for the special taste: It makes it spicier, more aromatic and fuller of character. No mass beer - but our Hachenburger Pils specialty.


Fresh smell, golden-yellow color shine, fine bubbles and a fine, creamy foam crown. That certain something of effervescence, followed by a very pleasant, fresh and aromatic hop bitterness.


  • Alcoholic strength: 4,9 % vol.
  • Original wort content: 11.6 % vol.
  • Nutritional values: 42 kcal/176 kj  per 100 ml

Hachenburger Hopfen Helles

Available container:

Hachenburger Zwickel

Fresh, sparkling, brewed with passion! With only 3.3% alcohol, Hachenburger Hop-Helles surprises with a beautiful, flowery hop note. The yeast makes it naturally cloudy and spicy. This is a new generation of beer in perfect combination. Full of pleasure and taste, brewed with love and passion by our master brewers. Hachenburger Hopfen-Helles is a top-fermented, naturally cloudy draught beer.


The hop-flowery note gives the unmistakable tangy-fresh taste and makes it unique in its own way. It is wonderfully palatable and has a pleasant hop-floral note due to the 4-fold hopping. A light and bright that we have interpreted in our Westerwald way.


  • Alcohol content: 3,3%
  • Original wort content: 8,4%
  • Nutritional values: 29kcal/121 kJ per 100 ml


  • Crate: 20 x 0.33 l plop bottle
    with swing stopper
  • Barrel: 30 liter KEG  

Hachenburger Weizen

Nobody believed that wheat beers could be brewed in the Westerwald before.

But our master brewers have shown everyone. Hachenburger Weizen is a top-fermented wheat beer specialty with a unique, fresh and fruity taste. A wheat beer for lovers!


Top-fermented and yeast cloudy. Pleasantly fresh and fruity smell, light amber color with strong yeast cloudiness, plus a wonderful creamy, fine-pored head. Sparkling on the nose, the fruity aromas are complemented by a slight hop bitterness and ensure a wonderfully mild and fruity finish.


  • Alcohol content: 5.1 Vol.% 
  • Original wort content: 12.5% 
  • Nutritional values: 38 kcal/160 kJ per 100 ml


  • Crate 24 x 0.33 l longneck bottle
  • Sixpack: 6 x 0,33 l longneck bottle
  • Barrel: 30 Liter KEG

Hachenburger Schwarze

Hachenburger Schwarze - the black Pils.

An unusually distinctive black beer with a slim, not too bulky body. It owes its unique aroma and color to the noble, roasted dark malts.


Chestnut color with a touch of ruby red. Glossy clear, with firm, fine-pored foam. Roasted, dark special malts provide the dark color and soft, full malt aromas. Pleasant pile-typical effervescence, paired with harmonious hop bitterness in the finish. Simply unique in taste!


  • Alcohol content: 4.8 vol 
  • Original wort content: 11.7 %
  • Nutritional values: 42 kcal/177 kJ per 100 ml


  • Crate: 20 x 0.33 l plop bottle
    with swing stopper
  • Barrel: 30 liter KEG 


Westerwald-Bräu is a real specialty from the untouched nature of the Westerwald. A beer, just like it was drunk in the past.


A beer from the early days of the brewery, as it was drunk here in the region at the turn of the century. Very palatable and strong.


  • Alcohol content: 4.8 vol
  • Original wort content: 11.7 %
  • Nutritional values: 42 kcal/177 kJ per 100 ml


  • Crate: 24 x 0.33 l longneck bottle
  • Sixpack: 6 x 0.33 l longneck bottle
  • Barrel: 30 liter KEG 

Unfortunately over, the Hachenburger Fest-Bier time...


Mildly hopped, with a little more original wort and an alcohol content of 5.5% vol., our Hachenburger Fest-Bier is wonderfully palatable and malty - as you would expect from a festival beer. And there are many reasons to celebrate - let's hop the best!


  • Alcohol content: 5.5 vol
  • Original wort content: 12.5 %
  • Nutritional values: 46 kcal/195 kJ per 100ml


  • Crate: 20 x 0.5 l NRW-bottle
  • 6-pack: 6 x 0.5 l NRW bottle
  • Barrel: 30 liter KEG 


Seasonal product, always available from mid-August 



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