"Preserving the good and being open minded to the new", it the guiding principle that has been with us since 1861. For 160 years we have been brewing quality beers in the heart of the Westerwald. Our  first Pilsener style dates back to 1902. This makes us one of the oldest Pilsner breweries in Germany.


With this experience and passion for brewing, we are still today an independent family brewery in the 5th generation. For us, "preserving the good ..." means that, despite the most modern technology, we stick to traditional

brewing and our consistent quality maxim: For the production of our

beers, we use 100% of the finest German aroma hops and let our Hachenburger beers mature for an exceptionally long time until their taste has unfolded.


For us, "being open minded to the new" also means having the courage to change, the spirit of innovation, and to take new and unconventional paths. We will continue doing what we do best, namely: Brewing the finest beers for you.

"Hopfen wir das Beste." 


Yours sincerely,

Jens Geimer 

               Managing partner of the

               5th generation: Jens Geimer

Preserve what is good and be open to new things.


In 1861 the 25-years old Heinrich Schneider decided to found a brewery on the “Grün’schen Hof” in Hachenburg, although there were already 150 competitors in this region. A bold move to get into the act as a novice – but Heinrich Schneider had no fear.

He had a vision: the creation of unique quality beer.

The history of the brewery

Today, the liquid gold ripens in ultra-modern tanks, and at that time it was stored in the rock cellar on the Distelberg. Evenly cooled, the valuable barley juice has been reaching its special aroma for 150 years now. Because in the past and today, the long, cold maturing period is one of the basic requirements for a genuine Hachenburger. As is, of course, the use of high-quality raw materials.


The discovery of a spring in the nearby Rothbachtal valley thus became another key to the success story. Its pure and soft water is still today the perfect basis for a beer brewed in the Pilsener brewing method. In 1902, Heinrich Schneider was finally able to proudly announce that from now on he would supply his customers with an extremely fine Pilsner. 


The brewery was innovative in many things on the German beer market, for example: 
  • Introduction of Hachenburger Schwarze as one of the first West German breweries
  • Variety diversification - today there are 12 varieties in total
  • Innovative marketing beyond the borders of the sales area
  • Birth of the glass Hachenburger "Adventure Brewery"
  • Quality improvement of the beers through 100% aroma hops
  • Revolutionizing the "bottoms up" tapping technique with our Hopfomat
  • World´s first brewery tour by car 



H. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

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57627 Hachenburg

Manager: Jens Geimer

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Fax: +49 (0)2662-808-80



Opening Hours

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